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About Mimi's Bakery

Mimi's bakery is a family run, home-based Zimbabwean bakery in South East London, England. 

It was founded in 2016 by Maina Chamunorwa, also known as Mimi, a mother of two children. 

In 2015, Mimi's son, Tawanda Chamunorwa, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor just a few weeks before he was due to start university. This led to numerous brain surgeries and many hospital appointments. The responsibilities that came with that made it difficult for Mimi to continuously request time off from her full time job, working in a hospital to support her son. She also became his main carer, leaving her with no other option but to find other ways to provide for her children. Mimi turned her hobby of baking into an income and this is how she founded Mimi's bakery. Out of adversity, Mimi's bakery was founded. Mimi's Bakery prides itself in providing freshly baked products to the community. 


In 2019 Tawanda, Mimi's son graduated from university against all odds. His journey fighting cancer still continues, and Mimi's Bakery continues to thrive and grow.

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